Lincoln Fabrics Personal Protection - Civilian /Military

Personal Protection - Civilian /Military

Producing ballistic and protective fabrics saves lives, and Lincoln Fabrics is one of the pioneers in the development of ballistic fabrics. Our fabrics protect people from the hazards they face on their jobs every day. 

Our clientele rely on Lincoln’s ability to produce consistent, lightweight fabrics for ballistic protection within military, law enforcement, and civilian applications. High performance fibers such as Kevlar ™ and Twaron™ are woven using our state of-the-art looms and equipment. Lincoln provides a wide variety of fabric coatings and laminating capabilities which can be combined with different fiber properties to meet the desired performance criteria.  Our well-established strategic alliances allow us to meet exacting customer requirements and provide solid solutions in today's competitive marketplace.

Ballistic and protective fabrics we manufacture go into the following applications: